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T&T Newsday – THE FACILITIES at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport at Guyana will come under scrutiny among many possible factors that pushed Flight BW 523 to overshoot the runway after years of complaints from pilots and flight attendants.According to the director of Guyana’s Civil Aviation Authority Zulfikar Mohamed, pilots have complained that the existing systems in place at the airport are not good for landing in bad weather.Mohamed has further noted that the landing systems at the airport were being upgraded on Saturday at the time of the incident. The upgrades include the introduction of an instrument landing system (ILS).“Things will be better with a new ILS system that we are testing,” Mohamed told the Associated Press. Canadian company Intelcan is reportedly installing an ILS at the airport, as part of a US$22 million upgrade.An ILS helps pilots land by giving a more precise reading of the angle of descent as well as position of aircraft. It is especially helpful when there is low visibility,Nike NFL Jerseys China, as was the case when pilots were landing Flight BW 523 on Saturday.“That’s when you want to have the best navigation capabilities,” said Doug Moss, a commercial airline pilot who runs AeroPacific Consulting in Torrance, California. “ILS, even though it’s about 50 years old, is still the best thing they have.”The CAL Boeing 737-800 jet skidded off a rain-slicked runway and broke apart early Saturday morning with 162 people on board. A reported 30 people were injured but there were no deaths.Former flight attendants also noted years of concerns over the facilities at the airport yesterday.“I remember when I was a purser I was always apprehensive about flying to Guyana at night,” said Christopher Nathan on a Facebook group page devoted to former BWIA flight attendants. “The fog is so bad. Often heavy rain makes the runway a pond and most of all there was always the thought of the precipice at the end of the runway in case we were not able to stop the aircraft on time.”Officials from the US National Transportation Safety Board have arrived in Guyana. Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago state officials have asked the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) to assist in the investigation. The team includes experts in operations, meteorology, airworthiness, survival factors and aircraft performance.Generally the investigation will turn to the airport facilities, the actions of the crew and the mechanics of the craft and whether there was any malfunction or irregularity.“The first thing the flight investigators are going to look at are what we call the flight dynamics, in other words where did they touch down on the runway, how far down, was it too far,Air Max 97 Undefeated Green, how fast were they going and was there water on the runway that would have let them hydroplane on a thin film of water,” ABC News aviation consultant John Nance said in a report on Sunday.The other key issue officials will look at is whether the pilots forgot to open up the wing flaps, which would have been critical for slowing down the plane on landing. Additionally, investigators will be looking at the issue of pilot fatigue, given the early morning landing.“No question, when you are looking at accidents on the backside of the clock one of the key questions is was the crew tired,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, either directly or cumulatively tired over time. These things can be very important in figuring out exactly what happened,” Nance added.Pictures of the scene of Saturday’s crash suggest that movable panels on the front of the Boeing 737 wings were not extended as required, the Wall Street Journal noted on its website yesterday. The devices are designed to help planes decelerate and reduce speed at touchdown. Safety experts said that without the benefit of the movable wing panels, it could have been difficult for the pilots to stop the plane in time.Investigators are to examine if there were any problems with the plane’s hydraulics, brakes or other systems,Gordon Hayward Jersey, and whether that possibly could have contributed to the accident.Many overshoots have been linked to wet or rainy conditions.  In 2009 an American Airlines Boeing 737-800 equipped with enhanced visual-landing aids hurtled off the end of a Kingston, Jamaica runway made slick by standing water. Nobody aboard either plane was killed. A Southwest Airlines Co jet ran off the end of a slushy Chicago strip in December 2005.There were reports yesterday that the four-year-old plane involved in Saturday’s incident was leased three months ago from Ireland’s Macquarie AirFinance in April,Adidas Nmd r1 Pink, the same month the Government chartered a CAL plane for a trip to Brazil.Caribbean Airlines has declined to issue information about the leasing of the aircraft involved in Saturday’s incident, but has said the craft was a Boeing 737-800 and was four-years-old. However company officials have denied that the craft was leased from Macquarie AirFinance.Director of the Civil Aviation Authority of Trinidad and Tobago Ramesh Lutchmedial,Authentic Carolina Panthers Jersey, who remained in Guyana yesterday after attending official business last week, said the focus now is on determining what happened and learning from the incident.He warned that it was too early to come to premature conclusions over the incident.“One of the first things you learn to do is you never come to any premature conclusions,” he said.“The priority at the moment is to determine the cause and to put measures in place to prevent a reoccurrence. That is standard in every accident. He said the NTSB, which has been asked to handle the investigation as an independent body by officials of both Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago, will provide a preliminary assessment and give an indication of the parameters of its investigation.

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