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作者: yueyrt1dbi    時間: 2018-3-14 02:16     標題: cheap jerseys 04hrpm23

Popular Saffon Street mechanic ‘Barney’ got the shock of his life yesterday when detectives from the Brickdam Police Station arrested him after a motorcycle believed to be stolen was discovered at his workshop.Some time after noon yesterday,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, Nigel Gravesande was heading up the East Bank Demerara when he spotted his motorcycle parked outside the establishment and immediately enquired since it was stolen from his D’Urban Street residence just days before.Gravesande told this newspaper that on Thursday morning last when he woke he discovered that his motorcycle was gone and that the chain that locked his gate was cut.He said that he noticed his motorcycle and when he asked ‘Barney’ about it he was told that a man who asked that it be serviced brought the motorcycle earlier the morning.At the time the bike was already serviced and the police was called in.The Police ranks decided to set up a sting operation in an attempt to nab the suspected bike thief since he was scheduled to show up for the bike around the same time it was discovered.After waiting for some time and the man did not show up the mechanic was taken to the Brickdam Police Station where he was questioned.He is expected to be charged and placed before the courts in relation to having possession of the stolen motorcycle.

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