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作者: yueyrt1dbi    時間: 2018-3-14 05:10     標題: Wholesale Jerseys China industrial giant

By Zena Henry For almost 20 years now, industrial giant, Machinery Corporation of Guyana Limited (MACORP),China Jerseys, has been rendering exceptional service in the areas of mining, construction, power generation, forestry and agriculture, and has been one of the leading companies providing equipment and training in the building process of the country.Seeking to sink its teeth deeper into the mining industry, MACORP yesterdayThe new MACORP outlet at 1 Deon Stoll Main Road, Port Kaitumaopened an estimated $20M outlet in one of the country’s most flourishing and significant mining communities,Wholesale Football Jerseys, Port Kaituma, in the North West District. Officials of the South American-based company, also the sole authorized CATERPILLAR dealer, said that the company has an aim of strengthening the mining sector and thus brought its services to the mouth of the mining operations. MACORP’s drivers have also taken on the task of closer collaboration with mining operators for total “their success in the industry”.The opening of the multi-service outlet saw MACORP’s Chief Executive Officer, Jorge Medina expounding on the company’s cherished vision of becoming the “leader in supplying sustainable integrated solutions, by adding value and guaranteeing stakeholder loyalty.”Medina told the gathering of largely customers/miners, government agency representatives and well-wishers that the company is committed to its role in helping to build Guyana.The gathering heard that Port Kaituma is a prime, growing mining area and the company by extending its services,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, is obeying its mission statement in providing easy access to services necessary for the country’s development.“That is how to provide sustainable integration solutions for customers.”Medina said that their mission is to support the mining sector and other economic sectors locally “and mining is one of the most important economic sectors in the country.”“We supply integrated solutions, we don’t just supply equipment,NFL Jerseys Authentic China, we don’t just supply spare parts; along with the equipment we want to bring a package of solutions. Not only to sell the parts that are needed to keep the machine in operation, but to advise the customer the best way to apply the equipment and to operate the equipment, and some of the practices that will improve the profitability and the efficiency of their operation.”Medina urged that it should be kept in mind that the success of customers is the company’s success. “Integrated solutions mean that we guarantee that customers will stand to add value to whatever is supplied to them.  Finally we are here, close to our customers, and this will make less time to get spares or get some information shorter. It means the equipment is going to have less time down and customers will have it back in operation as expected.”Medina noted that integrated solutions do not stop with operations,Wholesale NBA Jerseys China, but pointed out the provision of CATERPILLAR’s intelligent technological equipment that helps customers monitor their equipment while adding value to the operation. Mention was also made about new equipment with additions such as GPS tracking systems for better oversight and operation control.Product Support Manager Guillermo Escarraga added that MACORP’s new outlet is to confirm their vision of helping Guyana grow by ensuring that they are reaching out to address the needs of the miners and to help them be successful.  The product support manager said that MACORP is aware of the fall in gold prices,NFL Jerseys Outlet, and the complaints by miners about reduced cost of operations.“We believe that with this initiative we are addressing and listening to them and helping to support our miners to have better performance and to reduce operation cost.”Escarraga said that it is recognized that CATERPILLAR machines are at the core of the mining operations, with possibly 30 people depending on one machine for gold production.“We know there is no time to wait, we know downtime hurts our customers and hurt the workers. We understand the importance of our role and therefore we are here signaling that we want to become partners with our customers to improve their operations and keep those machines running all the time.”“Mining is not an easy task,” the manager said. “Mining is a complex activity that requires the best of experience and knowledge, combined with technology.  In order to become better we are providing our customers with training; operators and mechanics. Over 200 operators in Georgetown have been trained to operate machines and to apply the best tactics over the last year,” Escarraga explained.Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, Robert Persaud used yesterday’s event to encourage companies like MACORP to work with the government in addressing issues of illegal mining. The Minister pointed out that integrated solutions must not only speak to profitability and being beneficial to the miner and the operation, but it must also support the regulations and country’s Act for responsible mining.“If we want mining to stay and to progress and to be efficient, we must also ensure that it is done in accordance with our laws, regulations and with good mining practices. So integrated solutions must run the entire gamut and ensure that it addresses all the variables concerned and connected with responsible mining.”

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