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WELLINGTON PARK, CORENTYNE – Police in Berbice are still on the hunt for more suspects as the probe into Monday’s incident which left one dead at Wellington Park on the Corentyne intensifies.Reports from Division ‘B’ indicate that the six persons,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, including three women, detained between Monday and Tuesday are still being interrogated. They are said to be part of a gang known to police but there were no eyewitnesses to the incident.On Monday,Jerseys NFL Cheap, 47-year-old Arjune Gobin, a security guard attached to Nand Persaud and Company Limited of Number Thirty-six Village on the Corentyne, was reportedly shot by bandits in what was intended to be an early morning robbery at the home of a businessman Surendra Ganesh of Wellington Park on the Corentyne.During the rampage, the bandits discharged rounds to different sections of the house, used sledge hammers and broke a hole in the concrete wall on the southern side of the building and smashed windows to gain entry. The bandits had ample time to commit the act since the closest police station is several villages away at Whim.Surendra Ganesh is the proprietor of the Ganesh Service Station which is situated between his home and his NPG Packaging and Plastic Limited business on the Wellington Park Public Road.The 50-year-old businessman had left his wife Vasantie, and their two children – 20-year old Vivekanand and 14-year old daughter Venia at home about 01:00 hours and was on his way to the Cheddi Jagan International Airport,China Jerseys, Timehri. He was scheduled to board a 06:00 hour flight for New York but had only gotten to Rising Sun on the West Coast of Berbice when he learnt what was happening and headed back home.The family members were able to slip into a designated safe section of the home where the bandits did not get to them. They were unharmed.However, a security guard attached to a business place,Discount NFL Jerseys, located about two miles away and owned by the relatives of Mrs. Ganesh was killed and her brother, Rajendra Persaud, injured. He has since been discharged from a private hospital in Georgetown after a bullet, allegedly fired by the bandits,Wholesale China Jerseys, grazed the back of his head. Only $5,Stitched Jerseys,500 was said to be stolen from the Ganesh’s home.Three of the male suspects are no strangers to police and all six of them reside between Lancaster and Cromarty areas – a distance of about six miles from the scene of the crime. Meanwhile, Arjune Gobin is to be cremated on Sunday at the Babu John Crematorium.The man began working at Nand Persaud and Company Limited two Saturdays ago. Prior to that, he laboured at a poultry farm at Bloomfield Village. He was the lone breadwinner of the family and is survived by four children, including an 11-year old.

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