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– Minister Baksh The Ministry of Education has expressed concern over several reports of alleged sexual harassment and molestation and has mounted its own investigations.Minister of Education,China NFL Jerseys, Shaik Baksh has indicated that the ministry is now prompting investigations and based on the findings it will be recommending that the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) take strong legal action in all of the cases.The ministry has also taken action to curb sexual harassment and molestation in schools. “We are at the present time putting a large number of school welfare officers to monitor the situation and to work in the schools to ensure that these things do not occur in the school system,Cheap Jerseys Online,” Minister Baksh said.The Minister said that over the last few weeks,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, the ministry has had several reports about sexual harassment and sexual molestation in some schools and the ministry is very much concerned about this development.He said five teachers are being investigated by the ministry and the police.Among the cases is the alleged involvement of 13 to 17 year old students in raping students at a Charlestown home. He said while it is alleged that this was occurring after school hours and on Saturdays in particular,Cheap NFL Jerseys, the police have been called in and they are investigating the matter.With respect to the case involving a teacher at the Charlestown Secondary school, for sexually assaulting a first form student, the Education Minister said that the teacher has been arrested and charged by the police.A third case mentioned by the minister involves a female teacher whom he said has since resigned, and a male student. He said that her resignation would be forwarded to the TSC for a dismissal.The head teacher of the Goed Fortuin Primary School in Region Three has also been accused of sexually assaulting a Form One student.“The police again have been involved in this matter and the Department of Education in Region Three has been investigating. In all of these cases the Ministry has been investigating and reports have been submitted,” the Minister reiterated.He reported that in one school there is an attempt by the head teacher to suppress reports of this matter and “We are taking a serious view of that and we will also be investigating teachers as well as their negligence and will be taking appropriate action against teachers of these schools because in cases when these things are happening in the school, the head teachers must be monitoring these situations and must promptly report these matters to the ministry.”Expressing the need for more moral education in schools, he pointed out that the ministry has a health and family life education programme for which the curriculum is being designed,Nike Shox Gravity 2018, and which will be included in schools from September.In underscoring the important role of parents in children’s care, Minister Baksh urged that they monitor their activities and be vigilant at all times,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, not only in the school but outside of school hours and at weekends.“I call upon parents to ensure that they take care, give their children the necessary guidance to keep this incidence from occurring.”He disclosed that he has had discussions with the Chairperson of the TSC on the cases and he is confident that they will take the strongest action.

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