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標題: NFL Jerseys 2018 including a narcotics matter involving three Brazilians [打印本頁]

作者: yueyrt1dbi    時間: 2018-3-14 05:53     標題: NFL Jerseys 2018 including a narcotics matter involving three Brazilians

-Police tardiness among other problems citedTardiness on the part of the police and some other extraneous circumstances,Cheap World Cup Jerseys 2018, have forced Magistrate Alan Wilson to discharge several cases at the Lethem magistrate’s court.Last week, the Magistrate discharged no less than 10 cases, including a narcotics matter involving three Brazilians, citing among other things a lack of police evidence.Some of the cases dated back to as far as 2008.In dismissing and discharging the matters,holesale NFL Jerseys, the Magistrate took into consideration the length of time that an accused spends in custody pending trial, and the probative cost to the state to transport and accommodate prisoners on every court hearing.The Magistrate’s Court at Lethem is convened every three months and most prisoners on remand are housed at locations that are far removed from the district.Magistrate Wilson sometimes sits for hours, taking hearings into the night in an effort to complete most of the cases that have backed up over the years.He accused the force’s administration of not doing enough to ensure that the witnesses attend court and have the exhibits presented.This is the situation with most courts throughout the country but it is most acute at Lethem when the remoteness of the location with regards to Guyana’s geography is taken into consideration.With regards to police witnesses attending court at Lethem,Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale, it was observed that in the case of civilians, most of them now reside out of the district, while police ranks have been transferred.There are other cases where ranks have left the job and see no obligation to travel to Lethem to testify in any matter that they were involved in.While the civilian witnesses will not be too inclined to personally bear the cost of travelling to Lethem and securing accommodation for cases, the Police Force has the obligation to ensure that its ranks are available.But despite the issuing of several arrest warrants for witnesses, including police ranks,Wholesale Jerseys, the situation is still the same.This newspaper was reliably informed that witnesses are given a measly reimbursement of $200 for travel expenses incurred.Then there is the small matter of the police not executing the arrest warrants issued by magistrate Wilson, even though some of the subjects reside in the Lethem area.To this end magistrate Wilson in dismissing the charges recalled several arrest warrants,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, remarking in the process that “justice delayed is justice denied.”But according to a police source, to blame the police for most of the shortcomings in the dispensation of justice would be unfair.The source said that on several occasions, police witnesses, both ranks and civilians; present themselves at court only to hear that the matter has been adjourned to another date.This,Cheap NFL Jerseys, the source said, is very frustrating and could lead to persons reneging on their obligation to attend court.He however admitted that the force is aware of the problems when it comes to presenting exhibits in court.“The police analyst is not readily available and the force’s administration is aware of this fact, which has been reported on umpteen occasions,” the source said.

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