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While details are still sketchy, the Head of the Child Care and Protection Agency,NFL Jerseys Authentic China, Ann Greene, yesterday confirmed that the entity did have custody of an 11-year-old girl,Cheap Jerseys Paypal, and that there is an ongoing investigation following reports of sexual molestation.This newspaper understands that about three weeks ago, the girl’s aunt who lives in the lower flat of their Meten-Meer-Zorg residence,NFL Jerseys Store, walked in and found her 35-year-old brother and her naked niece.She told this newspaper that she saw her brother sitting on the bed and the girl standing in front of him and he was sucking on her breasts and fondling her. The little girl ran when her aunt entered and the brother has since been threatening the aunt,Cheap NBA Jerseys China, saying that she and her husband must move out of the bottom flat.The 11 year-old girl’s mother, meanwhile,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, is reportedly in denial.The girl allegedly told a neighbour that the acts have been happening for close to two years now.She said that while he has not had sex with her he would put her to watch “blues’ (pornography) and he would have her perform oral sex.While a report was made to the police and the man was detained,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, he has since been released.

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