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At least one local bank is calling on customers to review their handling of large cash transactions following an alleged incident last week in which one overseas-based Guyanese said that he lost $3M from a locked vehicle.The police are now investigating the matter which mystified Mahadeo Deokarran, 40, whose family is from Bell Vue, Canal Number Two, West Bank Demerara.Barbados-based Deokarran said that he has a joint fixed deposit account at Vreed-en-Hoop branch of the bank and visited there last Tuesday to withdraw the money. However, he was told to return on Wednesday at 08:30hrs. “I was not too comfortable at this and went there till 12:30.”Yesterday, Republic Bank in a statement, explained that Deokarran was told of this “legitimate” reason.Deokarran said that he withdrew the $3M last Wednesday and returned to his Toyota AT 192 car and placed the money under the seat. He then visited a travel agency, located next door to the bank, to confirm his flight back to Barbados.While there,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, there was one ‘customer’ who raised his suspicions.  “I went to the door and the car seemed okay…I did not see anyone.”$3M goneAfter the travel agency, Deokarran then travelled to the East Bank Demerara where at M&M Snackette he made some purchases.“I went back to the car which was closed and decided to take out some money to buy some sheet rock material.” However, Deokarran was shocked after not finding the $3M.“I become cold because I know I placed it there. I checked under the other seat too. Other than the travel agency, I did not leave the car. And it was locked all the time.”According to Deokarran, he immediately reported the matter to the bank, meeting with the manager. A report was also made to the Vreed-en-Hoop police.The upset man disclosed that during his meeting with the bank manager, he expressed his concerns about a possible linkage of the alleged theft of his money and being told to return at a certain time on Wednesday when in the first place he had all the necessary bank documents in the first place.Police on Saturday told Deokarran that they were still to review the bank’s surveillance tapes.“I want to highlight this because other people could suffer the same way I did. But I am not gonna leave this down so easy,” an emotional Deokarran said yesterday.Cahoots?Over recent years, there has been a rash of robberies of persons who visited local banks and following their transactions were robbed of huge sums of monies.There were speculations that some of the robbers were in cahoots with bank employees but this has never been proven, or at least no one has been placed before the courts.Almost two weeks ago,Cheap Wholesale Jerseys, West Bank Demerara cattle farmer, Shadeer Hassan called ‘Bird Man’,Wholesale China Jerseys, said that he strongly believed that a teller at the Republic Bank Vreed- en-Hoop Branch facilitated the robbery in which he was relieved of $1.3M in the city.Hassan was robbed outside the Bourda Market shortly after withdrawing the cash from the bank’s Camp Street Branch.According to him,NFL Jerseys Cheap, he was forced to transact his business with the bank’s Camp Street office after officials at Vreed-en-Hoop were reluctant to deal with him there.Hassan then proceeded to the Bourda Market where he sat in his car on Orange Walk while his wife went shopping with his children.He had placed the recently withdrawn cash in a black bag under his seat.“All I hear is the car door open and I see this red skin man with a shades and a motorcycle helmet, pointing a gun at my head,” Hassan said.“He said, ‘Pass the money,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, the $1.3 million you just draw’.” Without any hesitation Hassan handed over the bag to the bandit who subsequently escaped on a motorcycle that was being ridden by an accomplice who had parked a short distance away.The bandit’s words shocked Hassan who questioned, “How did he know the exact amount of money that I withdrew? This is a definite set up.”Less cashYesterday, Republic Bank confirmed that Deokarran had reported the loss to the institution and to the police.“The matter is now under investigation and the bank stands ready, as always, to cooperate with the police in this process. There was a legitimate reason for the customer being asked to return to the bank and this was explained to the customer.”According to the bank, it is very concerned about the reported incident,Discount NFL Jerseys, noting at the same time that that there is an increasing prevalence of criminal activity which has an impact on social wellbeing.“It is important that we each take caution to protect ourselves, our families and our property.At Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited, we are doing our part by offering a safe and secure environment in which to perform everyday banking transactions with 24 hour electronic surveillance and security officers during business hours at all locations throughout the country.” According to Republic Bank, there is a host of safe and secure electronic banking services being offered.The bank admitted that there is little it could do about criminal intent but said that there are simple ways to minimise opportunity.These include the reduction of cash movements to and from locations; the varying of routes, dates and times of visits to banks and the need to keep transactions confidential.The bank also recommended usage of bank drafts instead of large cash withdrawals; night safe depository services for cash, payment of salaries through accounts, the use of money transfer systems and point of sale facilities at business locations.“Additionally, a significant number of our customers have found the use of security services to transport cash to be of tremendous value.The cost of this service is affordable, safe and convenient and we also encourage consideration of this option.”

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