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Local investigators have contacted their French counterparts as they collaborate to probe the death of Frenchman Michel Bozier, whose body along with that of his dog was found on a yacht 200 miles off the coast of Guyana.The “Allegro” moored at the GDF Coastguard wharf.Local police took possession of the body yesterday after the yacht,Cheap Jerseys Store, “Allegro”,Stitched Jerseys, was brought into Port Georgetown by the Guyana Defence Force Coastguard.According to Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum, the body bore a gunshot wound to the face which is consistent with a shotgun blast.The dog was also shot dead with a shotgun.Blanhum said that while a post mortem examination has not yet been performed on the body, investigators are looking at every possible theory, including suicide as the reason for Bozier’s death.A shotgun was found under the face…There were three other shotguns in the cabin,” the Crime Chief said.From all indications no one else was on the vessel when Bozier died, since according to the Crime Chief, everything was intact,Wholesale World Cup Jerseys, including credit cards belonging to the dead man.Investigators were able to ascertain from documents found on the yacht that Bozier celebrated his 70th birthday two months ago.The yacht bearing the bodies of Bozier and his dog was first spotted on January 5 by the crew of a tanker vessel which was moving from Jamaica to Brazil.The crew sent a transmission which was picked up by the local coastguard,Cheap Jerseys From China, who subsequently informed the relevant agencies.  The coast guard was provided with the reading of where the sighting was made.Using the information, the Guyana Defence Force sent out its Skyvan to conduct a flyover survey to confirm the information.After this was done,NFL Jerseys Authentic China, the aircraft returned to the coast and a team from the Maritime Administration,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, the GDF and the Guyana Police Force went to the location and brought the French registered yacht into port.

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