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作者: yueyrt1dbi    時間: 7 天前 00:34     標題: Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Rohee said

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) thinks that the coalition government is trying to fool Guyana into believing that it is making a genuine effort to promote countrywide social cohesion.This contention was made known yesterday by PPP General Secretary, Clement Rohee, as he hosted the Party’s weekly press conference held at Freedom House.At this forum,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, Rohee told the media that the recently held Social Cohesion workshop was “clearly another talk shop.”The former Minister said that the event was “a race to the bottom to fulfill another of the Coalition Manifesto promises and to hoodwink the donor Community into believing that the (David) Granger regime is committed to and is in need of international financial support in this area.”He said that the reality in Guyana shows a completely different picture.When Rohee views the “completely different picture,Wholesale Jerseys,” he sees “consistent and persistent witch-hunting and purging of public servants known to be supportive of the PPP and of a particular ethnic group.”The General Secretary said that days after Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo, met with President David Granger and raised concerns about the “public environment” and “claims and allegations”, President Granger came out with a statement justifying the dismissals of public servants on the ground of malpractice and disappearances of tax dollars.Granger’s utterances in this regard,NFL Jerseys China, when summed up in Rohee’s mind, “reinforces the popular conviction that there has been unilateral, malicious and discriminatory dismissals on political ground using as an excuse the argument that his government wants  efficient, unbribable, trained and educated public services.“In other words, all those whose service was terminated were uneducated, untrained,NFL Jerseys China, bribable and non-efficient while these who remain in the public service are educated, trained, unbribable and efficient.”Addressing Social Cohesion, Rohee said, “Social Cohesion in the Granger administration context will prove to be like slippery ochro for the Granger administration unless certain steps are taken to address the PPP/C’s concerns at this critical political, social and economic juncture of our country’s history.”He added that Social Cohesion under Granger is bound to fail “if it continues to undermine and jettison the role and functions of the Ethnic Relations Commission by supplanting it with a creature from the belly of the Coalition called the Ministry of Social Cohesion.”“The steps that are afoot to promote internationally the Granger administration as a believer in Social Cohesion will not succeed especially when account is taken of the divisive,Wholesale China Jerseys, manipulative and deceptive efforts and bleatings of Granger, (Joseph) Harmon,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, (Raphael) Trotman and (Amna) Ally.“The huge sums of money allocated by the Granger administration to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will take us back to the pre-1992 period when the Burham/Hoyte administration in an effort to boost its image abroad spent billions of dollars through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to accomplish this objective.”

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