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作者: yueyrt1dbi    時間: 2018-5-17 01:37     標題: Wholesale NFL Jerseys 633 candidates were placed at primary tops

NEW AMSTERDAM, BERBICE – Some 2,910 students across East Berbice/Corentyne are writing the National Grade Six Assessment which began yesterday. This number was drawn from the 55 primary schools from Siparuta/Orealla on the Corentyne River, areas and from along the Coastland of Region Six, the East Bank of Berbice and Baracara. Marking,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys, for the two-day assessment, is expected to commence shortly and results can be had before the end of the academic year.Region Six Education Officer, Shafiran Bhajan,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, indicated that day one in Region Six proceeded with few hiccups. Among them was the problem at the Cumberland Primary School in East Canje. Only 87 test papers were sent for the English Language instead of 97.Following quick action from the Regional Education Officer, the candidates were able to commence by the 09:00 hours start time yesterday.In 2009, Region Six entered 3,100 candidates and of this 2,721 were awarded places at discreet secondary schools. This represented an 88 percent increase over the figure in 2008. In 2008 the number was 2,966 who wrote the said assessment and 2,333 were placed at secondary schools.Two years ago,Cheap NFL Jerseys, 633 candidates were placed at primary tops (the secondary level of a primary school) and by 2009  the figure was down to 384.Those who were not awarded discreet secondary schools are placed at Primary Tops. These institutions are at Yakusari and Belvedere on the Corentyne, Cumberland, Rose Hall Estate in East Canje, Overwinning and Edinburgh on the outskirts of New Amsterdam and at Plegt Anker and Schepmoed Primary School on the East Bank of Berbice.Mrs. Bhajan cited the three-pronged strategy whereby the Region emphasized literacy and focused on the training of the teachers. The National Centre for Education Resource Development (NCERD) supplied thousands of books. Combined, these were given as the reason for improved performance.The Department also encouraged the schools to establish class libraries. Another aspect is the home/school relationship. In Region Six there is a Regional Parent/Teacher body which comprises persons from the three Sub-Regions – New Amsterdam, the East Bank of Berbice and Canje— as well as from the Upper and Central Corentyne and Black Bush Polder.Region Six now has four Grade ‘A’ schools. The latest addition to the list was the Skeldon Line Path Secondary, which was elevated earlier this year. The other three are the Berbice High School, New Amsterdam Secondary (New Amsterdam Multilateral) and the J.C. Chandisingh Secondary.In essence, the institutions are ranked based on their performance at the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate examination (CSEC) for three or more consecutive years.The ‘B’ institutions are Berbice Educational Institute (BEI) and Tutorial Academy in New Amsterdam along with the Corentyne Comprehensive, Skeldon High,NFL Jerseys China, and Tagore Memorial on the Corentyne.All other schools including the Canje Secondary are classified as ‘C’. The Grade ‘D’ schools were community high but the lone one,China NFL Jerseys, Port Mourant Community High, was upgraded to ‘C’ last September and is now the Port Mourant Secondary.Touching on placement of students in high schools this year, Mrs. Bhajan said she does not foresee any issues arising. Last year there were allegations by some parents who were dissatisfied with the schools awarded to their children.All Regional Education Officers across the country met with Placement Officers on March 25, in Georgetown to iron out potential problems. The National Data Management was contracted for the placement of all National Grade Six Assessment candidates throughout Guyana.Last year, there was no cut off point for entry to secondary schools. Students who attained 514 and above were placed at the country’s top institutions such as Queen’s College, Bishop’s High, St. Stanislaus College, St. Rose’s High and St. Joseph High in Georgetown. Some of the candidates were also offered places at the President’s College.Those who scored between 513 and 431 marks were alternately placed at the Berbice High School, New Amsterdam Secondary School, and the J.C. Chandisingh Secondary School.Those who scored between 430 and 385 were sent to the ‘B’ schools and below 384 – the ‘C’ institutions.Mrs. Bhajan said that there was a certain criterion for placement that was used and the same would be applied this year. For instance, a candidate may have the marks for an ‘A’ school but lives a far distance from an ‘A’ institution.In this scenario, if the student’s score is above 514 then that child would be offered a place at the President’s College. However, if it is below then the placement would be at the closest school to home that suits the marks.Grade Six Assessment is not a Criterion Reference, as is the case of the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate examination, but it is a Norm Reference whereby it depends on the performance of the cohorts.The National Grade Two Assessment accounts for five percent of the marks for placement to secondary schools while the National Grade Four Assessment – ten percent and the National Grade Six Assessment – 85 percent.This year, the Regional Education Officer expects the students to maintain the level of performance especially when the number of training programmes for teachers and other factors are taken into consideration.According to her, the problem with teacher absenteeism had been addressed, and several truancy campaigns were held, “We hope to see a steady improvement.”In this year’s Region Six Budget, $1.5 billion was allotted to the Education Sector, of this $1 billion goes to the payment of teachers – salary and other Whitley Council benefits and the like.Last year, $70 million was invested in the maintenance of buildings in the Education Sector and $14 million on up keeping infrastructure such as land filling,Wholesale Stitched Jerseys, rehabilitation of fences and the like.The Number Seventy-nine Municipal Nursery School was constructed early 2009.

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