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While many teenagers in the United States are enjoying their summer vacation,cheap nfl jerseys, five young Americans have chosen to come to Guyana to volunteer their time with the Guyana Watch Medical outreach team.Akash Patel, Amar Ghodasara, Srikant Patel, Raj Viroja and Shridhar Patel are all pursuing a career in the medical field.Speaking with Kaieteur News,NFL Jerseys China, 16-year-old Akash Patel said that he heard about the medical outreaches that Guyana Watch conducts in Guyana each year from his uncle.He said that he wants to pursue a career in the medical profession and as such decided to volunteer his time with the outreach.“I work in a hospital in the United States but it is not much hands-on activity; it’s just observing but here it’s different because I can actually do things other than just watch. It is a step further and I am enjoying it,” he said.High school student, Amar Ghodasara, said that he is getting ready to enter college but wanted some experience volunteering at a medical outreach.“I want to be in the health field, either pharmacy or general medicine. I heard about this outreach from my dad, who heard about it from my uncle. This is more than I was expecting.”The 17-year-old added that he decided to volunteer with the team to Guyana rather than in the United States because persons over there, he added, are much more fortunate to have improved health care services.On the other hand,MLB Jerseys From China, 19-year-old Srikant Patel is a student at the State University of New York.His father,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, he told Kaieteur News,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, is friends with one of the members of the Guyana Watch Inc. “I thought it’s a good idea to come and get some hands-on experience because I am pursuing a career in the medical field. I have volunteered in the United States and India but I wanted to come here to see how people live and to experience the culture.”At the same time, he said, he wanted to better understand how people live outside of the USA.“I have so far got a new understanding of how people live in other parts of the world. I have been working with the dentist and my experience has been quite fantastic.”The teenagers, who are staying at Le Meridien Pegasus along with the doctors and other supporting staff of Guyana Watch, are all paying their own airfare and accommodation.Eighteen-year-old Raj Viroja,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, like the others, is also aspiring to become a doctor.“I wanted to help people who are less fortunate than us in the United States and also I want to go into the medical field so I thought it would be a great opportunity to broaden my horizons by coming to Guyana.”He said that he wants to be a trauma surgeon.“All these doctors with the Guyana Watch team are so amazing and they have taught me a lot about medicine,” the teenager said.This view was also shared by 17-year-old Shridhar Patel. “I heard about it from my cousins who invited me to come here. I want to become a heart surgeon. Last year I went to India to volunteer and it was really nice but that was to teach children to use the computer. This experience has convinced me that I definitely want to be in the medical field. I definitely know that I will be coming again next year to volunteer again.”The Guyana Watch Medical Team is currently conducting its 16th annual outreach programme.In 2008/2009, Guyana Watch projects to assist at least 25 children for heart surgeries. (Tusika Martin)

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